Two points about Richard Perle — first, his credentials and his admiration for Hillary's warrior stance:

When President Obama nominated Clinton for secretary of state in 2008, Richard Perle, one of the Iraq War’s primary cheerleaders and chairman of the Defense Policy Board in the lead-up to the war, said he was “relieved.” “There's not going to be as much change as we were led to believe.”

Perle, who was sometimes referred to as the “Prince of Darkness” and who once predicted there would be “some grand square in Baghdad that is named after President Bush,” made clear his support for Clinton was not due to a lack of choices. “I heard about others on the list [for secretary of state] that I wouldn't be happy about,” he said. “Those were mostly Republicans."

The above quote from "Neocon War Hawks Want Hillary Clinton Over Donald Trump. No Surprise—They’ve Always Backed Her" at InTheseTimes

Second, given the above birds-of-a-feather support, even the Prince of Darkness thinks her no-fly zone is dangerous!

"No-fly zones are not a simple matter. You don't just declare a no-fly zone," said Perle, who once served as chairman of the Pentagon's Defense Policy Board.

"You have to be prepared to enforce it. That means having aircraft in the skies over the no-fly zone. It means using those aircraft to attack targets on the ground, which could include Russian forces, Russian anti-aircraft batteries, and alike. So it's tougher to put a no-fly zone than she implies."

Perle added that broadcasting military moves and battle plans ahead of time, which happened ahead of the ongoing offensive into Mosul, is "political" and does not help militarily.


This from "Richard Perle: Hillary's Syrian No-Fly Zone Could Escalate US-Russian Tensions"h8