Who is this smirking monster behind Condie?


What does he know about the destruction of the Golden Mosque of Samarra?


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More evidence of US complicity: professional demolition, well planned and installed —

Uruknet: Who bombed the shrines?


Look at these very instructive after-photos of the dome.  [Thanks and a kudos to Robert at CurrentIssues.tv for adding me an anchor on this article!]


Read the insightful and incisive analysis at Crying Wolf:  Better yet, view the video.

Update: (June 18,2007) US tank bombs Iraq Sunni mosque

Muslim Scholars Association has said in an online statement that US forces bombed a Sunni mosque in Baquba, killing five Iraqis.


Analysts say the United States is behind such terrorist acts in Iraq and with its prolonged presence in the war-torn country is doing its utmost to pit Sunnis against Shias under the guise of war against terror.

On Sunday informed sources reported that the
US Deputy Secretary of State John Negroponte had planned the attack on the holy Shia shrine in Samarra, a measure to sow discord between Shias and Sunnis as the main Islamic schools of thought. (more...)

Update: (June 16,2007) US occupiers complicit in Samarra blast

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution has said the bombing of the holy Shia shrines in Samarra is aimed at provoking sectarian violence.

In a message on the recent bombing of the shrines of the two revered Shia Imams in the Iraqi town of Samarra, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei blamed the intelligence services of the Zionist regime and the occupation forces in Iraq for the bombing, saying such terrorist acts are meant to intensify sectarian violence in the Muslim world. (more...)



Are the people sitting behind panel members in CSPAN coverage of congressional hearings just casual listeners?  Just people off the street, getting in out of the rain?  Or are they carefully arranged furniture, placed there by the Powers That Be for the purpose of steering some unspecified audience in a specific direction?


Please note, there is a very good reason for me to be skeptical about what is being said by her and heard by him.  I remembered at the time of the bombing of the beautiful Al Askariya, or "Golden" Mosque, (not properly called the Samarra Mosque, which is quite ancient) that the principal spokesman for the victims, ie., the Shiites, whose saints the 10th and 11th Imams are buried beneath the ruined dome, and whose Messiah, the 12th or "Hidden" Imam is buried beneath another dome in the same complex, is expected to return in the future — principal spokesman for the victims, I say, did not blame the Sunnis, whom all other commentators blame, but had this to say on Al Jazeera on the day of the blast, as reprinted on Radio Free Europe's website, no less, a propaganda instrument of the United States, so much that it cannot be legally broadcast in the US:


Speaking to Al-Jazeera on 22 February, al-Sadr blamed all parties to the ongoing Iraq conflict for the attack. "It was not the Sunnis who attacked the shrine of Imam Al-Hadi...but rather the occupation; the takfiris [those who accuse other Muslims of being infidels], Al-Nawasib [a derogatory reference to Sunnis referring to those who declare hostilities against others]...and the Ba'athists," he said. "We should not attack Sunni mosques. I ordered the [Imam] Al-Mahdi Army to protect the Shi'ite and Sunni shrines and to show a high sense of responsibility, something they actually did."



By the way, do you know who those four dismembered, burnt bodies were, hung from the bridge, that prompted the massive destruction of Fallujah, complete with white phosphorus, as was eventually admitted?  They were not US military — they were Blackwater, paid ten times what our boys are paid, flouting the rules our boys must observe, making enemies our boys have to face.


Will somebody e-mail me and tell me, who is this man?  Is he a silent spokesman for the Rogue Element, the NeoCon brigade behind the troublemakers, whose fortunes sink when peace breaks out? 


[P.S. — the longer I look at these frames the more clearly I see in Condie’s face the full knowledge of what is being mugged behind her, remembering the rehearsal, as it were]


Take a look at the sequence of frames and words in this CSPAN clip: (if you want to see the whole broadcast from the start, click here)


·         Condie’s words

·         Condies thoughts

·          Henchman’s thoughts


"the Baghdad has become the center of that struggle."



"The Samarra mosque..."

“there’s my cue”








didn’t it?”


damn, we’re clever!”




“hard to contain my self-satisfaction”


“ah — got to act like I’m

trying to restrain myself”

"...and it set it aflame at a pace which threatens to..."

“it wouldn’t be polite to gloat

over their losses”


(notice on her face, too, the savoring of these words)

“that’s better — keep it together”

"the fragile and yet"

(mmm — sweet!)

“cool now — complete control”

"promising process"

“whew — crisis passed”

"of reconciliation."

“yeah — sad about that mosque”