Background of my Placards

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Beginning with the bogus crisis surrounding the raising of the Debt Ceiling, my work was transformed into a primary emphasis on matters of economics, banking, and financial crimes.  It has occurred to me that all of the criminality of Militarism and Subversion of democracy is a subset of the Banking Hegemony of the world.
All the placards I have created since then are in this folder:

Debt Crisis Materials


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Narcotics and the CIA — the history of Secret Services (which we call Intelligence Agencies) is inseparable from the narcotics traffic with which they finance their enterprises, stretching back to the early 1800's with the Opium Wars, thru the War in Vietnam, Iran Contra, and the current presence in Afghanistan


Coverup Queen — the background of this piece is complete within that of another, below: Walter Jones


Can You Tell The Difference? — This material is fully explained at "The Fake bin Laden Video Tape"


Wanted: Impersonation of Moderates — Fully explained on the placard itself


Keep Your Sharpie Off My Bill of Rights — See an explanation of the details here.


Jean Hay Bright's Position on Issues — Jean failed to unseat Snowe, but her policies are still very desirable — worth a read. Her website is still up.


Bush's Cowboy Diplomacy — essentially complete within the placard.


Nothing to Sell But Fear Itself — Self explanatory


Walter Jones' Conversion — transcript of this Senate hearing where Jones appears as a guest. I have included a link to the video


Eisenhower's Farewell Warning — This is where he coined the phrase "Military Industrial Complex"; an eerie prophecy of what has now taken over our nation. Read the transcript here (DOC), or here (HTML) and view the original video (low quality) here.


Team B — 35 years ago, Rumsfeld, Cheney, & Co. pulled the same scam they pulled this time at the Office of Special Plans. They dug thru the trash at the CIA and pasted together a hobgoblin, to get the taxpayers to spend a trillion dollars on weapons and wars. This brilliant film on BBC, three one–hour segments is a must see on Google Video — Part One, Part Two, Part Three. Here's a flyer I hand out on the subject. See a general treatment of the subject of the placard itself here.


The Family Likes It! — A taste for spicy stuff runs in the family


In Loving Memory of Habeas Corpus — After 800 years, sacrificed on the altar of GOP Fascism


The Family Values . . . What? —  <tsk!>


Operation Stolen Freedom — Look what these pirates have done to America! Here is a brief discussion with appropriate references.


Brzezinski Before The Senate — Carter's NSA chief tells the Foreign Relations Committee of the danger of a False Flag attack on one of our own cities as an excuse for war with Iran. See further here


Project for the New American Century — the center of the plot to overthrow the free world — IN THE NAME OF AMERICA!!  Go to their website and read the document for yourself.
Oh, and while you're at it, take a look at the list of its signers at the foot of this Statement of Principles.