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Those I meet on the street ask me questions, and I often wish I could share with them the materials that informed me in the first place.  I have decided to prepare this page to provide those resources to the general public.
Granted, these are just my own choices and opinions, and I am always eager to increase my own knowledge.  But, for what it’s worth, these are materials that I consider crucial to an understanding of our situation, and any hopes of redeeming it.

This masterpiece, in three hours, written for the BBC by Adam Curtis, is an essential bit of information regarding the “War On Terror” and the forces that led to it. 
I would add that all of Curtis’s films belong on this page, including Century of the Self, The Trap, and many others.
Hour 1: Baby It's Cold Outside

Hour 2: The Phantom Victory

Hour 3: The Shadows in the Cave


“For forty years, secret terrorist organizations, many trained by western intelligence agencies, have manipulated the political control of European sovereign states by a campaign of terror and murder.  Originally part of a secret network, these groups changed from being defenders of state security into attackers of the established political order.  Until two years ago [i.e., 1990] that secret network was generally known by the single word, ‘Gladio’.”

So begins the first of three hours, again from BBC.  In preparing this page, I discovered a file that combines all three hours in one.

This story is so bizarre and so horrible that no understanding of the history of the 20th century in the west is possible without it.

Operation Gladio [BBC Timewatch, 1992] State-Sponsored Terrorism in Europe


Kill The Messenger (film)

Sibel Edmonds was hired as a translator of Turkish, Farsi, and Azeri by the FBI immediately after 9/11.  Wikipedia says of this film, " The documentary focuses on both Ms. Edmonds's personal struggle to expose the criminality that she uncovered while at the FBI, and also the Sept. 11, 2001 tied 'secret' itself - the network of nuclear black-market, narcotics and illegal arms trafficking activities. Interviewees include David Rose, Philip Giraldi,Daniel Ellsberg, Coleen Rowley and Russell Tice."

It turns out that she is becoming the most important witness and expert on the subject of what is happening with Gladio (see the previous resource at left) after it appeared to end, and did end in its place of beginning, Western Europe.  Ah, but it merely moved east, with Turkey and the Turkic peoples of Central Asia now the tip of the NATO spear (in the long patient stalking march against Russia for control of The Heartland (see
The Geographical Pivot of History — the Heartland Thesis of Sir Halford MacKinder, 1904).

Questions about the Boston Bombing and the soon to be war with Syria and perhaps Iran have no better source of answers than her website,

This is the Final Edition of this superb film, which I was fortunate enough to see presented at the Woodfords Club in Portland ME, and met the distinguished architect and founder of this venerable body of experts.  This man has sacrificed a great deal for the cause of his conscience.  Please watch this film, if you are in doubt about 9/11, and equally if you are not, because the presentation clarifies so many points for best argument.


Understanding Deep Politics
An essential viewing event for anyone whose purpose it is to understand the true nature of the forces underlying the affairs of nations, presented by ten of the foremost experts one could bring.
Some ten hours of video, as I recall.

A high quality film made from this seminal book is available at the Center for Research on Globalization’s video section, GOTV.
Again, a must see. 
Above all, it is an indictment of the Chicago School of Economics, of which Milton Friedman is the chief exponent.

The Shock Doctrine [Full Documentary]

Secret Government  — The Constitution In Crisis
by Bill Moyers

This is the full length 90 min. version of Bill Moyer's 1987 scathing critique of the criminal subterfuge carried out by the Executive Branch of the United States Government to carry out operations which are clearly contrary to the wishes and values of the American people. *** WITH SOUND! Only a small piece (about 1½ minutes) is without sound, apparently for copyright reasons.

I urge everybody to own a copy of that great song, "Lives In The Balance" by Jackson Browne as I do, but also to see a great version of the song performed live with a splendid group, and as backup singers no less than Graham Nash and David Crosby!


"Restoring prosperity with Public Banking."

 Ellen Brown on Guns & Butter

This will be the focus of my work for the immediate foreseeable future, because I have become convinced that all our problems stem from this fact, as she says in the interview:

According to a researcher in Germany, Margrit Kennedy, who's a professor there, she's collated data from businesses at all different stages of production of a product, and she has found that 35% of everything we buy goes to interest.  So if we owned the banks, we would get that interest."

Read it and hear the audio here.



In the midst of the 1990s bull market, one lone regulator warned about derivatives' dangers — and overnight became the enemy of some of the most powerful people in Washington.

Brooksley Born

Her name was Brooksley Born, and she was head of the CFTC — the Commodities Futures Trading Commission, the proper regulator of futures, which are guarantees of the price of a given commodity, whether farm goods, as originally, or virtually any namable thing nowadays, and the fodder for the greatest gambling frenzy in the history of the world — and very possibly the destruction of Western economies in a functional sense.


At the Crossroads of the Most Serious Economic Crisis in World History

Prof. Michel Chossudovsky on Guns and Butter


"If we want to confront these powers, we have to confront them in a way which will undermine their legitimacy in the eyes of a very broad public.  And for that to occur, we have to tackle the issue of media disinformation.  We have to confront this inquisitorial doctrine — OK?  It's a dogma.  Whether we are confronted with the so-called War On Terrorism, which is a dogma, which is fake, or whether we're confronted with so-called "austerity measures", or whether we're confronted with the fact that we have to go after terrorists to protect the Homeland, all these statements are FAKE and they constitute the ideological dogmatic underpinnings of the New World Order."



Read it and hear the audio here.

The View From Europe.

Interview with DR. MICHAEL HUDSON:

DR. MICHAEL HUDSON:  So basically, the United States is in danger of being turned into a feudal type of "toll-booth" economy: in other words, rent extraction.  The idea is not at all today what Marx and socialists talked about a hundred years ago, making profits.  It's not about what the classical economists called "profit".  It's about rent extraction, a pure monopoly power to charge for access, to use a road, the park, to use a hospital, to have education, to have medical care, for essentially monopoly rents on natural monopolies such as transportation, and most basic infrastructure.

Read it and hear the audio here.


"Banks, Bailouts and Manufactured Market Crashes"

 Max Keiser on Guns & Butter

This is a must-hear, must read, must learn treasury of knowledge of financial and criminal activity that is stealing your lives and your civilization out from under your nose.

Read it and hear the audio here.