Please read congressman DeFazio's floor speech on the subject of the secret deal — SECRET EVEN FROM CONGRESS — and Sen. Wyden's denunciation of this devilish plan. This is a treaty that is being kept secret (have you ever heard of it?) because it will never stand the light of day. It will fail if the people see it, and the Congress gets to handle it in committee.

Cong. DeFazio's remarks — from the Congressional Record

Sen. Wyden's remarks, reported at Electronic Frontier Foundation


This episode of "The Big Picture" at with Thom Hartman, titled:
— TPP: Corporate Power Grab is very useful to understanding the impact.

Thom talks with Director of Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch Lori Wallach, who’s in Auckland, New Zealand, attending TPP negotiations in this video:

Some of the best resources on the subject are The Citizens' Trade Campaign, and Public Citizen's TPP:Corporate Power Tool of the 1%

Here's my Flying Wedge I wear on the Square (because the wind is too strong for standing displays).