I call this placard "Shameless", though many representations of the GOP deserve the same. 

But this is perhaps the epitome. 

Here is a larger view of it, and please see the discussion below following.




http://proudprimate.com/images/draper book.jpg These facts came to my attention in a book, which I then obtained, called Do Not Ask What Good We Do: Inside the U.S. House of Representatives by Robert Draper, published in April 2012 by Free Press.  To understand this event, and this placard, read the Prologue of the book here.

But, skeptics on the street say, "Who the hell is Robert Draper?"  A fair question I guess.  Does he have proof?  Is there any corroborating evidence to these, borderline treasonous, antics?

It turns out that this business is no secret.  Here is a page that adduces other contemporaneous source material, including a piece at New York Times, and a page at the prominent and well advertized right wing blog Daily Caller, no less, whose take on the subject is, " ‘Telling revelation’ about Obama inauguration night actually old news" — they don't deny it, but merely try to play it down.